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AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)

Product image 1AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)
Product image 2AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)
Product image 3AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)
Product image 4AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)
Product image 5AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)
Product image 6AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)
Product image 7AllSpark 12v 150ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) (100-200A or 175-320A)

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4 Year Manufacturers Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Benefits of the 150Ah AllSpark LiFePO4 batteries include:

  • can be discharged safely by 80%, meaning that the 150ah is equivalent to around 240Ah AGM

  • weigh less than half the weight of an equivalent AGM. This means they're taking up less space and less weight, which are always at a premium when you're camping and caravanning!

  •  Maintenance free with 2000+ life cycles, this battery is the perfect option for those serious about 4WDing, camping or caravanning.


You can choose from two BMS sizes, depending on your requirements:

  • 100A continuous/200A surge: suits inverters up to 1000W and general use

  • 175A continuous/320A surge: an exclusive BMS, developed by Offroad Living, this battery allows for the running of a 2000W inverter on a single battery. 

Not sure what size you need? Drop us a line and we'll advise which will suit your needs. 


These batteries can be used in battery banks:

  • 150ah; 4 in parallel (1S4P) to make 600ah @12V or 2 parallel banks of 2 in series (2S2P) to make 300ah @24V



Contact us for advice on switching from AGM! Custom cabling can also be provided upon request.


NB. A LiFePO4 specific charger is required (be wary of those that claim you can use an AGM charger, contact us to find out why). If you are unsure of what you need please contact us for advice. These are true deep cycle batteries and are not suitable as cranking batteries.  







Q. Can these batteries be used in parallel or series?

A. Yes. You can have up to 6 x 100ah batteries and 4 x 150ah in parallel, and 2 batteries in series. 


Q. What charger do I use for these batteries?

A. (NB. We are authorised resellers for Redarc, Projecta, Victron, Enerdrive and Ctek, contact us for a quote). The charger I would recommend really depends on what solar panels (watts and voltage) you have (or plan to have) and whether you prefer to have a multi input unit or individual standalone units. The Victron Easysolar 12/1600/70 for example has a 50A MPPT solar controller, 240v to 70A DC charger, AC distribution & circuit protection and a 1200W pure sine wave inverter all in one unit (data sheet attached). It doesn't deal with alternator charging though and would need a separate unit. 

The Enerdrive ePOWER DC2DC+ unit has a 40A MPPT and also input for charging from your alternator. It can take a maximum of 35A of solar input using 20Voc panels but can take 12v to to 48V nominal panels, doesn't have a 240v charger.

The Redarc Manager 30 has MPPT, alternator and AC charging in 1 unit. There is no real limit to the solar input, but the unit will only use 520w of solar during charging. Realistically most fixed solar panels will produce around 80% of their max current anyway so you could have up to about 650W plugged in.

Please drop us a line and I will chat with you about the best option for your needs. 


Q. You have two models of 100ah LiFePO4, 100/200A and 175/320A. What are the differences? 

A. The cells are identical in both models. Only the BMS is different. The BMS materials and cell connectors for the 175A model are heavier duty to handle the higher discharge current and the BMS protection settings are obviously different too for the higher output. They can be connected in series to produce 24v packs with 3 in parallel (ie 300ah @ 24V) or up to 6 in parallel (600ah @12v)


Q. Do these batteries have cell balancing? 

A. Yes these do have internal cell balancing which is controlled by the BMS. During manufacturing of all brands of LiFePO4 cells you will always get some level of differential impedance even in cells produced in the same manufacturing batch. The BMS monitors the individual impedance and state of each cell of each and ensures each cell obtains the same max voltage during charging.


Q. Do these batteries have a high and low voltage cutout? Or is external protection required? 

A. The BMS also controls the very low voltage cutout and disconnects the cells at 10.0V. Likewise, if any cell was to reach 2.5V it would also disconnect the cells to protect them from damage from excess discharge. If you want to protect the cells by disconnecting essential or non-essential loads from the battery at a particular pre-set or adjustable voltage point to maximise the life cycles of the battery (which is highly) advisable. There are a number of options for this. I recommend Enerdrive or Victron units depending on the application and current disconnect requirement (contact us for pricing on these units). 




Guarantee and Warranty Terms

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Offroad Living provide a full 12 months Manufacturer’s Warranty on all products we sell from the date original date of purchase (unless otherwise specified in the product listing). In the case of the AllSpark Inverter Generators, this is 12 months or 600 hours, whichever occurs first. We warrant that our goods will be free of faults during this time, are manufactured of an acceptable quality, have been accurately described in the selling advertisements and that spare parts and repair facilities will be available for a reasonable period after sale of this product.  These products are made for personal/domestic use only and are not supplied, design or sold as suitable to fit for purpose for Commercial use.  This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage from mis-use, water/moisture ingress, poor maintenance, neglect, natural disasters, war, terrorism or operation of the product in a manner outside of that specified in the user manual.  This warranty will be considered void if the user modifies, tampers with or alters the unit in anyway.  In the event of a defect and before returning the product for warranty, the buyer must contact Offroad Living first.  We will run through a series of trouble shooting and fault finding checks to determine the fault or defect first.  We may request photos/videos of the problem be sent to us electronically by email.  If it cannot be resolved, we may request the product be returned to us for warranty inspection.  Free return shipping (sending and receiving) is provided during the first 30 days only.  As part of our “Dead on Arrival” guarantee, should a product be found to be defective or faulty due to manufacturing defects during the first 30 days, we will promptly repair or replace the goods or supply a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping).  This choice is at the Buyer’s discretion during that first 30 days.  After the first 30 days, the decision to repair, replace or provide a refund during the warranty period is at the sole discretion of Offroad Living.  All shipping costs after the first 30 days (for both sending and receiving) will be borne by the buyer.  Any repair or replacement products or parts supplied by Offroad Living will be subject to the remaining time of the original 12 month Warranty period. 


This Warranty does not exclude the consumer guarantees under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA).  Should we supply you with goods that fail to meet one or more of the consumer guarantees, you are entitled to a remedy – either repair, replacement or refund as required by law. 


Should you need to make a Warranty claim or general enquiry relating to defects, your consumer rights or remedies please contact Offroad living at us at warranty@offroadliving.com.au


30 Day money back Guarantee:

If you change your mind or make an incorrect purchase you may return the product to us within the first 30 days for a full refund minus any shipping and selling costs (original freight + Ebay fees etc.)  These costs will be deducted from the refund.  The product must be returned in the original packaging, in a new and unused condition, free of defects with all accessories, cables and spares.


Faults/Repairs outside of Warranty:

If service or repairs are required outside of the Warranty period, please us at warranty@offroadliving.com.au for assistance.  We may ask for photos/video of the faults via email to determine next steps.  All postage costs (sending and receiving) will be the buyer’s responsibility. 

Once the fault is determined we will then advise what options are available to you.


We sincerely hope you enjoy your purchase and thank you for your business.


Catchya Offroad,


Jason, Kathleen, Clay and Jess



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