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What Battery Do I Need?

Your starter battery is not designed to be used to run a fridge or other auxiliary loads, so a second deep cycle battery is a must.  What type of battery will depend on how often you go camping or whether you intend to run your fridge full time even when not camping (great for impromptu shopping trips, eating out for the day or keeping a few coldies on hand). 

No two set ups are the same, but the information here can be used as a guide to get you started. There is nothing like real world use to discover what you do and don't need in a set up, so before heading off on any larger trips away from power, we recommend having a test run or two closer to home. 

You can always add to a set up, but making sure you have the right components to begin with ensures you will only be adding, not replacing (which can be costly). 

In addition, your batteries need to source their power from somewhere. This will come from either your vehicle (via a DCDC charger) and/or solar panels. Check out our other articles for information on sizing up solar for your needs, or choosing a DCDC charger.

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