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About Us

Do you love being Offroad? Getting away from the busy, every day routine, escaping to explore this beautiful country? The excitement of finding that perfect spot, discovering your surroundings and settling down in front of a roaring fire? Whether the vast ocean is your back drop, or you’re surrounded by tall trees, there’s nothing quite like the camping life.



Offroad Living is about simplifying the process of camping. If you’re new to the idea, the options can be overwhelming, and if you’re an old hand, knowing where to put your hard earned money and time can be confusing. We have decades of experience between us, camping and 4WDing with our family and others. We’ve made some mistakes, we’ve learnt some tricks (and some expensive lessons), and we’re passionate about helping others within a supportive environment.



Come on over to our Facebook group and join the Tribe! Offroad Living is a journey we want to take together, with like minded, passionate Offroaders. We are committed to providing HIGH QUALITY products at affordable prices – we 100% stand behind our products, because we rely on them and use them ourselves with our family. Our motto is:

“If it’s not good enough for our family, it’s not good enough for yours!”


We’d love you to contact us with questions, respond to the articles or catch us on Facebook, let’s band together and share our knowledge, because Offroad Living is so rewarding, and it doesn’t need to be scary.


Catchya Offroad,

Jason, Kathleen, Clay, Jess and Zara



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