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1. Isn’t there cheaper options from China on eBay?  Why should we buy your products instead of a cheaper eBay option?

Let us ask you this…how many times have you bought from eBay or online and not been happy with your purchase?  How many times have you received an item, it works for a while and then fails on you at the worst possible time? We’ve been there, we’ve done that, many times over during our collective 50+ years of camping and Offroad experience and we’ve had enough!  That’s why our family started this business.  We only provide high quality products at competitive prices.  We are not the cheapest, but that’s because WE REFUSE TO STOCK CHEAP, LOW QUALITY PRODUCTS.

If it’s not good enough for our family, it’s not good enough for yours!

That’s our motto, that’s what we’re about. We confidently stand behind every product we sell, and in order to do this, we personally test and use each and every item, while camping, out there where it counts, before we bring it in to the Offroad Living “Tribe”

How do we ensure this?

  • We work closely with manufacturing, visit our factory regularly, engaging with the workers, comb through the quality control processes and nit picking every step of the way.
  • We inspect the components, the assembly lines and even packaging.  When we finally get to manufacturing, we then employ a qualified, independent third party specialist to inspect the goods again to ensure they meet our specifications, including all quality & compliance standards before they are shipped.
  • This process takes time, each product takes about 6 months from the time we decide on a product to manufacture, to the time the products are ready to sell to you.  This means that by the time our products reach your door, they have been thoroughly put through their paces and are ready to make your Offroad Living life that much easier and more enjoyable.

Does the service doesn’t stop there?  Absolutely not.  This is just the start of our combined Offroad journey.  From here you become part of our “Tribe

  • You will be supported in the use of your product for as long as you need us. Not sure how to install it, use it, or have any other issues?  Give us a call.  There’s nothing I can’t stand more than receiving a product and not being able to talk to an actual person, it can be so infuriating!  Do you prefer email?  Text?  No worries, whatever works for you.

Aren’t these Inverters made in China just like all the other cheap items on eBay?

Yes, they are, and with good reason, but with some very key differences.  There are many places in the world with cheaper labour than China, but almost everything we buy nowadays comes from there because they are good at what they do.  They can produce cheap and nasty products for sure, but they can also produce very high quality products – the key difference in the cheap versus high quality products is the importer who brings them in.

  • Do they have high standards?
  • Do they buy export quality or China domestic quality and try to flog them off overseas?
  • Do they test their products personally?
  • What are their quality control processes?
  • How picky are they in providing the best quality possible for their customers?

The Offroad Living brand is your guarantee for quality, and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

We are an Aussie family owned business.  You will have an Australian warranty.  Have you ever tried contacting an over-seas vendor if something goes wrong?  Not to mention the time it takes to get here.  Sometimes up to 30 days, or worse, it never arrives at all.  Yep, again, been there, done that, many times.  Might as well bet on the races!

When you buy a product from us we welcome you to the Offroad Living “Tribe“. 

Catch us on Facebook, share your stories and photos, ask questions, make suggestions – we are here to help you.  Even if it’s in regards to products we don’t carry, we’re happy to chat any time about camping, 4wd’ing and all things 12 volt!

Here are a couple of extra reasons just in case you aren’t convinced

  • We were sick of buying substandard quality 4wd and camping products that were unreliable and didn’t perform as promised.  This drove us to do something about it and so we now manufacture products that do what they say and can be relied on out bush when you really need it.
  • We spend a minimum of 6 months developing and personally testing our products in on the tracks and in the bush
  • We use only the highest quality components and manufacturing processes, giving you reliability and excellent performance
  • Products are inspected and tested in our factory by independent inspectors prior to shipping
  • We use only quality components and only experienced & skilled workers are involved in the assembly process
  • All products are manufactured to the Global Quality Management standard ISO 9001
  • Our products are compliant with Australian electrical standards of 230 volts (Check why 230 volts and not the incorrect 240 volts here)
  • We personally test this product Offroad with our own family to ensure it is up to the task
  • We are a true blue, Aussie family owned and operated company.  You can speak to us on the phone, not a robot online
  • You get an Australian Warranty rather than no warranty when bought direct from China like the cheaper units on eBay
  • We love all things 12 volt, camping and 4wd’ing.  We want you to enjoy your Offroad experience, not deal with dodgy, unproven products

2. What is an Inverter and what will it do for me?

  • An Inverter is an electrical device that you connect to your vehicle battery.
  • It takes 12 volt power from your battery and converts it into 230 volt power for your home appliances (just like plugging into a power point at home).
  • Please note that long hours of use with heavy loads through an Inverter can put strain on or even deplete your battery.
  • Please contact us to determine the best size for your needs.  We are happy to help you calculate your loads and the correct size output you need to get the most out of Offroad power.

3. Why are your products made for 230 volts?  I thought we use 240 volts in Australia?

  • 240 volts was nominated as the domestic voltage in Australian in the 1920’s.  In 1983, due to an ever increasing global economy, standards Australia implemented a plan to transition Australia’s domestic power supplies to 230 volts to align with European standards.  This allows the majority of global manufacturers and us as consumers to buy appliances from all over the globe with consistent standards.  Rather than me dribble on about this, if you want more background and confirmation that this is correct, rather than believe many other eBay sellers that just get it wrong, you can read here or here or here.

Got any questions?  Ask us anything about 4wd’ing, camping, caravanning, 12 volt power or anything Offroad Living on Facebook, here on our website or by email, phone or text.