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12v & 24v Lithium Iron Phosphate Camping Batteries

Just because you're out in the bush doesn't mean you should have to rough it. It's not like you're some jolly jumbuck rustler from 150 years ago camping by the billabong with your horse. In this day and age, you can camp like a king, and if you choose to, why shouldn't you?
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The right lithium camping battery will make camping more enjoyable

Lithium batteries are an especially good choice for camping in the outback. You don't want to be lugging heavy lead-acid batteries around. Less that one third of the weight and with around 60% more safe usable energy, they are the ideal option for those with weight or space constraints and an ideal alternative to lead acid batteries.  Not only are Lead acid batteries heavy to carry and larger store space wise, but they can also be quite dangerous with the gases they release and the toxic nature of the components inside.

The dangers of lead acid batteries are not too surprising when you consider they contain sulphuric acid (toxic and corrosive), lead (toxic), and their battery terminals are notorious for producing sparks quite easily. The hydrogen gas they produce while charging is also highly flammable and even explosive.

Of course, lithium camping batteries should be handled and stored safely, but the good thing about them is they're a great deal safer than lead-acid batteries, and indeed many other types.

Why the lithium iron phosphate battery is special

Speaking of great deals, you can get a great deal on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries when you buy from Offroad Living. Getting your batteries from us means you'll know they're the best in their class for safety, performance and reliability.

But you may be wondering why you'd want to buy a LiFePO4 battery, and the answer is actually quite simple. These batteries are a massive improvement on older technology, coming in at under one third of the weight of equivalently amp hour AGM batteries and one quarter compare to an AGM with the same usable amps hours, offering you deeper deep cycling with clever battery management systems.

Want some even more good news? We at Offroad Living have developed our own really amazing BMS which makes it possible to run a 2000W inverter from a single battery. Of course if you've got appliances that are drawing loads heavy enough to need a 2000W inverter, you'll need some pretty decent solar panels, but that's something we can help you sort out, too.

If you want safer, lighter, longer lasting batteries, LiFePO4 batteries are the best you'll find by a country mile.

LiFePO4 is a versatile battery type

You've probably caught on by now to the fact that we're really enthusiastic about lithium camping batteries, and the LiFePO4 batteries in particular. One of the many things we appreciate about these batteries is that you can use them for different purposes in different ways.

They can be used to power fridges, lights, inverters, charging of all devices, emergency jump starting and all kind of 12v appliances.

When you need higher voltage, you can connect two of these in series, effectively creating the equivalent of a 12v or 24V lithium battery. You can also connect multiple batteries in parallel formation to extend battery life for longer.

These batteries are excellent for taking with you on your off road adventures. It's totally convenient and very reliable.

Learn more at Offroad Living

When you are thinking about going off road and experiencing the best this country has to offer, it's always a good idea to get as much advice as you can.

Offroad Living is here to help by providing the best quality supplies and expert advice you can depend on, from lithium camping batteries to folding solar panel blankets. When you get your off road power equipment from Offroad Living you get peace of mind from knowing your equipment won't let you down.
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