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AC to DC Battery Chargers

Lithium Battery Chargers

Some people think a battery is a battery and any old charger will do, but you're smarter than that, right? Let's hope so, because using the wrong kind of charger with your batteries can damage them and heavily reduce their life expectancy and in extreme events, can even be dangerous.
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Protect the life of your batteries with a proper lithium battery charger

Choosing a lithium battery charger from Offroad Living means you never need worry that you've got the wrong charger for the job. We'll make sure you've got a product you can rely on to meet your needs in even the most extreme camping and off road conditions.

Smarter battery chargers for the digital age

You don't live in the Stone Age, so your battery charger should be one that is made for modern battery technology and conditions. What if your battery charger was more than just a simple terminal that delivered current to the battery terminals? What if it had a computer inside it that automatically ensured you got intelligent charging every time? Some even have Bluetooth monitoring and control.  That's what you'll get when you buy lithium battery chargers from Offroad Living.

So smart it can even talk to your phone

You can use your smartphone to communicate with your battery charger. Simply install the app on your iOS or Android phone and you'll be able to monitor charging status and modify settings easily, without having to make direct contact with the charger itself. That actually makes charging your batteries safer and more convenient.

Intelligent charging systems

The lithium battery chargers sold at Offroad Living are intelligent in every way. They have adaptive charging algorithms that monitor the status of the charging process and respond to every nuance.

The smart processing software makes these chargers extremely efficient. Ordinary chargers are up to 400% less thermally efficient in comparison. In fact, there are even environmental benefits to using our smart chargers, because they are more efficient and get the job done quickly and cleanly.

Clever programs designed to protect your battery and increase its life

These chargers are primarily used with deep cycle batteries, and the software programs have been developed to properly charge these batteries under all conditions. They'll charge the batteries safely whether the batteries are in use or not.

The computer inside the charger monitors the battery performance, and if it detects a loss of voltage due to device use, it will automatically activate charging mode. Once charged, the charger will revert to float stage which helps keep the internal components of the battery in optimal condition.

Waterproof for extra safety

Charging batteries is even safer when your lithium battery charger is waterproof. Protect your LiFePO4 battery with our custom designed battery boxes and state of the art battery management system, and you'll have the safest combination of battery and charger that it's possible to have.

Turns dead batteries into zombies

The amazing ability of these smart battery chargers to resurrect batteries that are so deeply discharged they could be regarded as dead is worth knowing about. Deep cycle lithium batteries are usually cheaper than alternative deep cycle batteries, but that doesn't mean you'll want to be in a hurry to replace them.[JG1]

Using a smart charger from Offroad Living, your batteries may be able to come back to life. The charger is able to detect the condition of the battery, and after diagnosing it, the charger will then "force feed" a very low current into the battery, which in many cases can revive it. Once the battery has regained enough health, the charger will automatically switch back to normal charging and can even bring the "dead" battery back to life.

Available now at Offroad Living

We take pride in the products we sell, because we know that every product is the best in its class. Our goal is to ensure that all our customers have the safest and most reliable equipment before they head into the outback, because we want them coming back safe and sound.

That's why you can be sure that when you buy from Offroad Living, you're getting a great deal every time on the best quality products, from our caravan batteries to our lithium camping batteries.
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