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LIFEPO4 12v Lithium Ion Batteries

LiFePO4 12v Batteries

When you are going off road, safety ought to be your highest priority, and when it comes to safety, the LiFePO4 battery from AllSpark is a unit you can rely on.
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Good reasons to buy the AllSpark LiFePO4 battery

Built specially as a lightweight but heavy duty 12V Lithium ion battery, it is capable of delivering far longer battery life than most other products in its class. In fact, Jason, our resident guru on all matters related to 12V power, rates this battery as having equivalent usable power as a 160Ah AGM, yet it has less than half the weight. The 150Ah version is equal to a 240Ah AGM.

For anyone camping or off-roading, this is a big deal. It matters because long battery life and portability can be critical factors when you're in the outback, especially if you find yourself in any kind of trouble.

This is the perfect deep cycle battery for extended forays into the wilderness, and a better alternative to AGM. These batteries are lighter, more compact, have a longer service life, and are more reliable. They are faster to charge, and can be stored for longer between uses, so they not only do a better job of meeting your needs, they're more convenient too and make the more efficient use of your charging systems

Safety and reliability built right in

If you're wondering about the odd name of these batteries, LiFePO4 is the chemical formula of the cathode in the battery cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate). These batteries provide numerous advantages because they are:

  • Cheaper per amp hour produced over their life than even higher rated batteries of other types

  • Less toxic than most other deep cycle battery types with lower environmental impact

  • More stable voltage output and more reliable than typical deep cycle batteries

Advances in technology have also reduced the charging time for LiFePO4 batteries due to increase absorption efficiencies, which is also a major advantage, especially when you're recharging from solar input.

This battery type is much more chemically stable than ordinary lithium-ion battery types, and certainly is safer than lead-acid batteries. The stability makes the battery safer from problems caused by overloads, short circuits, overheating, overgassing and so on. This helps to prevent more catastrophic conditions like fire or explosions from developing, especially from those with internal protection systems.

For the off road enthusiast or camper, these batteries are a very good choice. Their ability to keep going for longer, the ease with which they can be charged, and their overall good safety and reliability could be what helps you survive your planned adventures where others would limp home with tail between the legs.

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