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Caravan Lithium Battery

Caravan Lithium Batteries

We know the name of our business gives an impression that we only sell off road accessories, but actually we sell a wide range of power equipment, and now that also includes caravan batteries.
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Why You Should Consider Buying A Caravan Battery For Sale Online

If you’re one of the many caravan owners who has always found the process of investing in a new caravan battery to be a long-winded and difficult process, you’ll be pleased to learn that this no longer needs to be the case. When you choose to search for caravan batteries for sale online at a site like Offroad Living, you’ll be able to forget all about wasting your time going from store to store in your local area, searching for the right product at the right price. Instead, you’ll be able to sit back in the comfort of your own home and browse at your leisure through all the caravan lithium batteries and other 4x4 accessories in Australia that are suitable for your vehicle.

After you’ve found the product that seems suited to your caravan and your needs, you’ll be able to learn all about it by reading the product information, specifications and reviews, enabling you to make a fully informed decision regarding your investment. And when you choose to buy your caravan solar products from a leading nationwide supplier like Offroad Living, all you need to do is fill out some basic payment and delivery information, and your chosen product will be swiftly sent straight to your front door.

Offroad Living Now Has Caravan Batteries For Sale

Not just any caravan batteries, mind you, but the very best caravan batteries you will find anywhere. We're confident to say that, because it's true. Like every product sold at Offroad Living, our caravan batteries have been designed and extensively tested by our own staff to make sure they meet our demanding standards for reliability and longevity.

When you buy any product, including a caravan battery, from us, you'll be able to rest easy knowing it is a safe, reliable, and efficient product that you got for a good price.

We Are Experts In Caravan Solar Products

Give us a call and ask for Jason. He can tell you anything you need to know about solar and battery products. When he sleeps, he's probably dreaming about electricity most of the time. There isn't a thing you could want to know about powering your appliances that Jason would not be able to help you with.

When you deal with Offroad Living, you get genuine personal service from true experts who are passionate about camping and exploring. That's why we're the best place to find all your equipment before you head out on the road (or off it!).

It's the kind of service that has been lost to the ages, but not at Offroad Living. We're a small business where we know many of our customers personally and sell products we use ourselves. In fact, every product we sell is something we have tested ourselves, which is why we're able to recommend these products.

We want to see all our customers coming back safe and sound from their adventures, so you can put your trust in us and we won't let you down.

Choosing The Best Caravan Lithium Battery

Battery technology has been advancing at a furious pace during the past few years, but amazingly many people are still using batteries that are designed for use in the distant past.

We're not just talking about old batteries here, but even batteries that are bought new, because so many people don't really understand the technology and don't know the right products to look for.

The first thing to know is you absolutely need a battery that has an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) installed. This will help make your batteries more efficient, protect their lifespan, and help keep the battery in top condition.  The BMS in our batteries also protects the cells from extremes of voltage and current and ensures even charging every cycle.

This should also be paired with a smart charging system when your batteries are connected to mains power, and top quality solar panels when you're off the grid. Making the right choices here will also prolong the life of your batteries and give you the best performance when you really need it.

It may sound a little daunting, but don't worry, we're here to help. When it comes to the battery itself, without question you need to invest in AllSpark LiFePO4 batteries, because these are the best value, highest performing deep cycle batteries in Australia you can choose.

LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries are stable, reliable, efficient, and lighter in weight than AGM or other lead acid batteries.

Offroad Living Helps You Prepare For Life On The Road

We love helping our customers get ready for their big adventures. We've got everything you need, and we're happy to share knowledge with you as well. Buying from us means you're getting fair prices, reliable products, and a deal you can trust.

What Is The Best Caravan Battery?

Keeping your caravan appliances powered up is really important when you're on the road, and even more if you're venturing off the road. Making sure you've got reliable batteries is something you should consider as a top priority when preparing for your trip.

You Must Have Deep Cycle Batteries

Lithium deep cycle batteries are the safest, most efficient, and most reliable way to power caravan appliances. If you use other types, you can expect the possibility of surges, overloads, and all kinds of other unpleasantness.

A good advantage with deep cycle batteries is that they're intended to provide you with a steady current over a sustained amount of time. That makes them very different from the kind of batteries you put in your car, which deliver quick bursts of current for starting the motor.

Deep cycle batteries are designed to be able to be quite heavily discharged and then recharged multiple times. The typical automotive battery is not able to stand up to that kind of demand because it's just not designed to do it.

Lithium Batteries Will Give Your Caravan The Best Performance

To be more specific, you should ask for lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. These batteries have significant advantages over all other consumer grade batteries on the market, and especially when compared to typical lead acid batteries.

Consider these points:

  • Lead acid batteries contain sulphuric acid which is highly corrosive and also highly toxic. Spilling this on anyone or anything can be a big problem, and because the battery compartments have to be designed with vent holes to let out the dangerous gases inside, spills can easily happen and moisture and dust can get in.  LiFePO4 batteries don't contain sulphuric acid.

  • Lead acid batteries contain lead, which is also toxic. In fact it's extremely toxic to humans, animals, and plants. Avoiding contact with lead is definitely a good idea. LiFePO4 batteries don't contain lead.

  • Lead is the heaviest non-radioactive metal on Earth, which means batteries made with it are very heavy. Lithium is the lightest metal – it is 79 places away from lead on the periodic table – but in lithium batteries it is present as a salt solution, so it's not actually in its metallic form inside the battery.

  • Lead acid batteries need to be constantly topped up and maintained. This is difficult, messy, and can even be dangerous. Great care must be taken when topping up fluid levels in lead acid batteries (though of course it usually isn't). Lithium batteries do not need to have this maintenance performed on them. They are sealed and actually can't have any fluids added to them.

  • Lead acid batteries generate substantial amounts of hydrogen gas when they're being charged up. If this gas is not sufficiently ventilated and extracted from the vicinity of the charging, it can become a serious fire hazard. Lithium batteries only become unsafe if they're overheated to extreme temperatures, and this shouldn't happen if you use an appropriate charging device.

Clearly you will get the best results if you choose lithium batteries, and the best lithium batteries to choose are LiFePO4.

The Best Caravan Battery Protected By Our Exclusive Warranty

Here at Offroad Living, you can purchase the very best caravan battery available on the Australian market. As an Australian family owned business, we know the challenges faced by travellers and explorers as a result of Australia’s unique geography. Consequently, all of our products are tested in Australian conditions and selected based on their effectiveness and reliability, enabling us to build a strong reputation as one of the best suppliers of offroad and camping goods available in Australia.

We have such confidence that customers will love the products they purchase from us that we offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee in the event that you’re not entirely satisfied, as well as a ‘dead on arrival’ policy which means that we’ll immediately refund or replace your product if it is damaged in the post before it gets to you. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive warranty lasting for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase, giving you complete confidence that your new caravan lithium battery will provide you with the results you’re looking not just straight away, but also long into the future.

Place Your Caravan Lithium Battery Order Today

We're here to help with all your questions about batteries and other essential supplies for caravanning, camping and 4 wheeling, from lithium battery chargers to lithium camping batteries. We sell only the very best products in each class, because your safety is important to us.

We recommend AllSpark LiFePO4 batteries for caravan enthusiasts. These batteries will give superior performance, are one of the safest batteries around, and have the quality you can rely on.
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