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12 Volt Camping Accessories

12 Volt Camping Accessories

Off-road living doesn’t mean you have to go without all life’s little comforts. The availability of 12 volt camping accessories lets you use various appliances and gadgets that make camping and caravan living a real pleasure.
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Make Camping a Pleasure with the Right 12 Volt Camping Accessories

Having the right equipment and accessories can make a camping trip go smoothly rather than being something of a trial. But the emphasis is on taking the right 12V camping accessories because unsuitable ones just won’t work.

Household electrical systems commonly run on 230 volt AC power (Yes these days 230V is the Australian standard) whereas recreational vehicles such as camper trailers, caravans and motor homes have a 12 volt power system. In effect, the 12 volt power system provides less electricity, which is emitted in lower quantities at a reduced flow rate.

Why 12 Volt Camping Accessories are Necessary

The outcome of this is that you can’t take and use your normal household gadgets on a camping trip because they demand much higher voltages than the 12v system, by itself, can supply.  AC and DC power work very differently, but we have a solution for both devices.

In order to overcome these problems, we supply a wide range of quality 12V camping accessories that are specially made for 12v and 124v power supplies or as an alternative, you can also buy an inverter that will step up a 12 volt supply (like a transformer) to the equivalent of the 230 volt domestic power supply. This will allow you to run regular home appliances off a 12 volt supply although you still need to ensure that the wattage of each appliance doesn’t exceed the maximum rating for the inverter. This can be a particular problem for appliances that use a lot of power, such as kettles, air conditioners etc.

Powering Your 12V Camping Accessories

When camping, your source of power will be either from a camp site’s power supply or offroad and offgrid or if none is available, from your own vehicle auxiliary/dual battery setup.  The latter is preferable for most campers because you’re not diminishing your vehicle’s starting battery power and it is specifically made for the job.

Unlike a car starting battery, a deep cyle or leisure battery can be fully discharged and recharged many times over, often up to 2,000 complete cycles (AllSpark LiFePO4) before the battery loses any capacity.  This is less for lead acid batteries.  However, if you are operating off-road and are unsure when you’ll next access a camping site with a power supply, it’s best to keep your battery fully charged whenever possible.

Questions About Any of Our 12V Camping Accessories?

This can be done by trickle charging over a longer period (overnight) by re-charging from a camp site’s generator using your AC to DC charger or via solar or alternator charge input through a DC to DC charger.  You can prolong the life of a leisure battery, which is designed to output low current for a long time, by avoiding excess use of high drain appliances (such as kettles and hair dryers) and switching off appliances and even the battery loads in total when not in use.

Wherever you go and whatever power source you have available, we have a wide range of 24 volt or 12V camping accessories that can make your trip more comfortable and practical with 230 V inverters to match. Whether it’s fans to keep you cool, refrigerators to preserve your food, music systems to provide entertainment or anything else that makes life that much easier, we have the batteries, solar, lithium chargers, power inverters and cabling accessories to make them all work perfectly.
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