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100ah Lithium Batteries

A 100ah Battery: The Best Power Source For Off Road Living

If you’re living off road, that means you’re also off grid. Therefore, with no access to main power, you need a reliable power source for your various appliances. A 100ah lithium battery is just that power source, providing reliability and performance that are necessary when living off road. Although higher capacity batteries are available, the 100ah battery price to performance invariably gives the most cost-effective solution for those with modest power needs.

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Getting The Most From Your 100ah Lithium Battery

‘Ah’ is short for ‘amp hours’ and signifies the number of hours that the battery should provide one amp of current at the rated voltage of the battery. In simple terms, this means that a 100ah lithium battery will provide 20 amps of current for five hours, 10 amps for 10 hours or any ratio mix in between.

A 1.2 watt LED lamp will require only 0.1 amps per hour (1.2 watts divided by 12 volts) and so a 100Ah capacity battery will power the lamp for 1,000 hours. A sixty-watt refrigerator, however, will consume five amps per hour (60/12) and so will reduce the battery life to twenty hours. However, this only applies when the refrigerator’s motor is actually running and so the elapsed time will be considerably more.

In effect, you need to determine the power consumption of every device you are likely to plug in and the frequency of needing power to determine the capacity you require. This can be a combination of LED lights that consume little power, mobile phone chargers that are used infrequently and devices with higher needs such as refrigerators or inverters.

Whilst only an approximation of use may be possible, it will at least give you an idea of the needs for a larger battery. However, the 100ah battery version gives the best combination of price and capacity. You can also connect multiple batteries in parallel to increase total output capacity/runtime and a battery monitor will give you a measure of remaining capacity in the battery.

Lead acid batteries will provide less reliability when they are partially discharged from heavy inverters use and many will fail to work below a set voltage level due to excess voltage sag, whereas AllSpark 100ah LiFePO4 battery run at a higher voltage range and have a much higher continuous output current than the rest of the competition. For this reason, you can run your AllSpark Lithium battery longer than other brands. To prolong the service life of your battery, it should be kept above 20% state of charge.

Choose A 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery For Optimum Performance

The performance of all batteries deteriorates over time with use and therefore equipment will be powered for shorter periods over time as capacity decreases. Some batteries will manage only 500-800 cycles of recharging when discharged to 50% each time, less if discharged further on a regular basis.

Our AllSpark Lithium deep cycle batteries have the highest quality Lithium Iron Phosphate prismatic cells managed by our next generation solid state BMS designed and developed by us here at Offroad Living. By using clever interior design and premium quality components, the batteries will be long-lasting to provide reliable power consistently over their life.

Our 100ah deep cycle batteries will provide 2500-6000 cycles and will power all the 4x4 equipment you need for long periods. They’re resistant to shocks and vibration, recharge quickly and efficiently and due to their sealed construction, are maintenance-free. If you’re living off road, you can’t afford to have anything less.

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