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Lake Towerrinning is located within the shire of West Arthur in the south west of WA, about an hours drive south-east of Collie and 3 hours drive from Perth. Boxing Day we found out about this place, and after a couple of persistent phone calls, we managed to squeeze in for the following day. Off we went!!



We were greeted by the caretakers, who were friendly and pleased to see us. The park is small and privately owned, so although it was full, it didn’t feel over crowded or too busy. In fact, with our simple set up (a few swags and the car awning) we were practically swallowed by the ENORMOUS site we managed to snaffle (I think someone must have cancelled last minute). There’s enough room for a few caravans, cars and a couple of tents on each site, and ample parking for the boat trailers if you have one. The site we had was $29 per day, this is powered (which of course we didn’t need, lol) and included the two kids and our dog.


Yes, all you see here until the roof top in the distance was OUR site!!


The sites all face onto the lake, and although ours was the furthest from the amenities (and not grassed like most of them) we actually thought it was the best one because it was quiet, and we had our own decent section of beach to play on. 

Looking back from the beach to the camp site.


“Our” beach.


The facilities at Lake Towerrinning were basic but more than adequate. There is a small kiosk (pictured in the foreground here) which sells things like ice-creams, coffee, lollies and even meals can be pre-ordered for the evenings (this may be only in busy periods). The ablution blocks (the sheds in the rear) were dated but clean. I loved the layout here, having a bench and hanging space and then a shower separated by a partition meant not getting your towel and clothes wet while you showered – would take this set up over the new smaller stalls you get in many places nowadays.



There is a playground with swings, a cubby, and a rocking horse and frog. There is a long, wide path down the centre of the park, and the dirt roads are compact enough that bikes/scooters for the kids are easily rode. Just outside of the park, a short stroll will take you to a second playground with a slide and climbing frames.




Although the lake was busy while we were there, I have heard you can have it almost entirely to yourself during the school term…the early evenings were beautiful for a stroll along the shores…



 And the waters near us were a boat exclusion zone, great for kayaking…



Zara had a great time, with plenty of beach and bush to explore off lead…


The boats started up early, to take advantage of the still lake before it got too busy. There were plenty of these little guys around too…


Lake Towerrinning seems to be a breeding ground for these damselflies, which fascinated Clay at first, but became a tad annoying by the end (only on the water mind you)….they’re very friendly, a couple even landed on his face while we were out paddling, which had us in stitches. To be fair, though, I’d take these guys over march flies or mosquitoes, of which I barely noticed a handful of….I was told, though, that they don’t taste too nice when skiing in the early hours…


Here’s a couple of other locals we met…





There’s a track just outside of the park which asks for no vehicles, it leads down to a second lake, which was filled with bird life…although you don’t even need to go walking to find some beautiful birds, Clay had one a lovely little finch (I think!) land on his swag not an inch from his head, while another hopped past me as I lay enjoying the morning quiet.

 The track down to the second lake…

 The second lake.


Having spent a few days watching the boats enviously, we approached the owner who introduced us to a family he knew. They were kind enough to take Clay and Jess out for a couple of loops on the ski biscuit, which made their stay that much more memorable.




By the last day there we were well rested and felt sure we would return some day. Lake Towerrinning is a beautiful spot, well maintained, friendly, and absolutely worth the drive.


Be sure to let us know if you end up down this way!


Catchya Offroad,




PS. If you’re not sure where to start to set up your own power offroad (so you don’t need powered sites)check out this article, and remember we’re always here to help should you have any questions!

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