Road Trip Games and Activities for Kids

If you’re in a car for hours on end, kids will get bored. And then the whining starts.  Having a collection of road trip games and activities prepared can keep from everyone threatening to exit through the nearest window. So...




The end.


Ipads are great road trip games for kids


No no, honestly,


Ipads solve everything.


Travelling for hours on end with kids in the fourbie is often a test of one’s patience. Don’t feel like reaching for an electronic device or DVD is you “failing” at family time. While the journey is often part of the fun, sometimes you’re simply too exhausted to play eye spy… take this as permission granted, yes, it’s OK to let go and just do what makes everyone happy.


BUT, if you’re looking for other ideas for road trip games, read on…


Firstly, things to avoid…


Unless you’re one of those super organised handy types, making up little magnetic peg dolls with fluffy clouds, rain drops made of fabric and remembering to purchase a new baking tray….because yours is a tad crusty…probably isn’t high on your priority list.


Oh, and anything that’s less than the size of a 50c piece is also bound to find it’s way underneath your feet or lost forever down that annoying little hole where the seat buckles come out from…


So, keeping those rules in mind, here’s a few ideas for car-friendly activities:


Activity books:

Everything from colouring to sticker books, word puzzles to look and finds. Pay a visit to your local $2 shop and grab a handful – new stuff is always way more interesting than the ones you have in the cupboard. Alternatively, head to Google and a quick search will bring up a stack of free or low cost printables, like here and here.


White board markers: 

Perfect for drawing on the windows (wipe off easily with a tissue), otherwise grab a small whiteboard each. You can use this to draw and play games like noughts and crosses, hang man and Pictionary.

Classic conversation games:

These conversation games are especially great for kids that get car sick, keep their heads up out of their laps and looking out that window!


The journey should be part of the fun, not something that is looked upon as a means to an end. Have some road trip games prepared, and relax, it really is ok to say yes to another movie or a little more time on their devices.


Oh, and in the end, if all else fails, buy them a puppy ;)


Road trip games for kids - get them a puppy! ;)


See ya Offroad,



PS. Check out this post for activities to keep them entertained once you've reached your destination.




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